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Welcome to Keelin's Page

DOB: November 24, 2004

Weight: ~ 16 pounds


See Keelin's Father, Murphy

See Keelin's Mother, Skeezer

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Keelin is one of 'my puppies'. While all Westies tend to have certain personality characteristics in common, they each fit at a different place along the continuium of each of those characteristics. Keelin's nature fits way over towards ' very sweet and loving' and very far away from 'ornery, mean, b.. b... b... witch'. I have several that are just real sweethearts, and Keelin is right at the top of the Sweetheart List. Her mother is my first and favorite Westie, Skeezer, and her father is my elder stud muffin, Murphy. If you click on the links to Murphy and Skeezer's pages, you will find their 5 generation pedigrees ... which means you will have a 6 generation pedigree for Keelin. Keelin is a full sister to Fionia, Gwenever, Dolly, Wynnie, Kensie, Nessie, Thelma, Louise, Bonny, & LilChit and the mother of Keepher.





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Westie puppies wrestling in the grass
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