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Fionia is my smallest Westie mama. She weighs nine pounds, soaking wet, but what she lacks in weight, she makes up for in attitude and courage. She has an amazingly sweet nature, and is very sedate and loving, getting along quite well with all of the other animals she encounters ... unless they get close to her puppies! Then she turns into a vicious she-demon, with fangs bared, snarling and growling, she uses every ounce of her nine-pounds to threaten the invaders with horrific damage lest they come one step closer to her precious babies! But, as long as she thinks her puppies are safe, she is always the happiest to see me, and the first to want to play! A wonderfully gentle soul.

Fionia's mama is Skeezer (my favorite Westie in all the world!) and her father is Murphy. Fionia is a littermate to Wynnie and Gwenever, and a full sibling to Bonnie, Dolly, Feargus, Kenzie, Keelin, and Nessie.




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