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Here we share the pictures and stories of the many wonderful creatures who have passed through our home ... on their way to their new, forever, permanent homes.

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What is the process I follow to buy a Nancy's Westies Puppy?
  1. We will list available pups on our Puppies page.
  2. If you fall in love with one of the pups, you will send us an email requesting the contract for the puppy you want.
  3. Please tell us a bit about yourself, your situation, and the pup's future home. We are specifically interested in knowing your experience with pets, your ability to provide for your pet's needs, and your plan for training and exercising your pet.
  4. We email you the contract in pdf (Adobe) format. Since it is a pdf, you can open and print it using your web browser (Internet Explorer). Once you have read the contract, print it, sign it and either snail-mail or send back a digital copy of it. At that point, we will ask for a $500 deposit. You can use PayPal (, Venmo (@Frances-Roberson-3), or mail a check. Please note: if you use PayPal, you may choose the "Friends and Family" option or if you'd like their added protection, please select the option for you to cover the fees.
  5. Once the contract and deposit are 'in the mail', and you have confirmed that you 'for sure, no doubt about it' want the puppy, we will acknowledge you as the new family on the web site.
  6. When the puppy nears two months old, and old enough to go to its new home, we will contact you to make arrangements for the puppy exchange.
  7. Final payment is due when the puppy turns eight weeks old.
  1. Any person buying one of our puppies must sign a contract (see example contract) agreeing to maintain the well-being of the puppy.
  2. The puppy is being sold as a PET, not a breeder! Read the contract before you sign it! If you breed the puppy without my express, written permission, you can be sued for breach of contract. How will I know? The AKC keeps excellent records and I can easily check those records.
  3. The buyer must agree to take the puppy for yearly exams, maintain the vaccination schedule, provide parasite (fleas, ticks, worms, heart worm, etc) preventive, provide the puppy with a high quality dog food, and a loving, comfortable living environment.
AKC Registration
  1. Our puppies are registered with, and DNA tested by, the American Kennel Club (AKC).
  2. Beware of other registration organizations. There are many other registration organizations, some of which are not reputable.
  3. The American Kennel Club is the most prestigious and recognized registration organization in America.
  4. AKC Web Banner

  1. Our puppies are microchipped and enrolled with at no cost to the new family.
  2. When I send the puppy to their new home, I enroll the puppy in pet recovery, so all the new family has to do is go to the website and change the puppy's name to the desired name. The needed paperwork will be provided with the puppy.
  3. I always list myself as the alternate contact because I want to make sure that none of my puppies are ever, ever, ever, left in an animal shelter with no one to rescue them! It is my understanding that the new family can change the 'alternate contact'. However, if neither the primary contact or the alternate contact can be reached, AKCReunite will contact the original purchaser of the microchip, which is ME!
What's up with those ears?
  1. Why do some puppies have erect ears and some floppy?
    1. It's because of the cartlidge in the ears. Most puppies will have erect ears by the time they are 3 or 4 months old. Some puppies never have erect ears, which is considered a fault. It is rare that I have a puppy whose ears do not stand up by the time they are an adult. I have been told that if you trim the hair on the ears and tape them, it will help the ears stand up.
    2. I have noticed that, generally speaking, the smaller puppies' ears become erect at an earlier age, while the larger puppies tend to be laggards in the 'erect ear' department ... and some puppies never have floppy ears.
  2. Whoa ... is that a Westie or a donkey? Why are the ears sooooo big?
    1. Puppies go through an awkward, gangly stage, just as children do. When they are between 3 months and a year old, their ears generally appear to be far too big for their bodies. I call it the 'jack-rabbit stage'. Not to fear ... they will grow into those ears.
  3. Why is one ear up and the other flopped? Is my puppy deformed?
    1. Naw ... tomorrow they'll be the other way ... then suddenly they will both stand up straight and all those good photo ops are gone for good. Take all the pictures you can while they are in this stage. It is just so darn cute!
Health Guarantee
  1. Our puppies are current on their vaccinations and worming schedule.
  2. We provide a one month health guarantee with each puppy we sale.
  3. Our adult dogs are free of genetic disease, to the best of our knowledge.
  4. We guarantee our puppies to be free of genetic disease for one year.
  1. Our preferred payment is through Square. We will send you an invoice that you can pay directly from a link in the email.
  2. We also accept personal checks, cashier checks, money orders, cash, PayPal (, and Venmo (@Frances-Roberson-3).
  3. If you wish to use a credit or debit card, please use Square, PayPal, or Venmo.
  4. If you have paid with a personal check, the check must clear your bank before it will be considered 'paid'.
    1. When sending mail, it often takes up to 5 days to get here (the Pony Express can be sorta slow in these parts!). It will then take a personal check at least 5 business days to clear the bank. If you are running short on time, you might consider sending a money order or cashier's check via some sort of express or overnight service.
    2. The full price of the puppy is due when it turns eight weeks old and must be paid in full before the puppy can leave our premises.

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  1. If you wish us to hold a puppy for you until it is old enough to wean, a $500 deposit is required.
  2. The deposit on a puppy is non-refundable.
  1. The new owner is responsible for transportation of the puppy after purchase. Please understand that we happily and gladly make travel arrangements as a courtesy. It is not our obligation.
  2. You are welcome to pick up your pup in-person at the farm.
  3. We are more than happy to meet you at the airport if you would like to fly (or drive) into the Little Rock, Arkansas (LIT) airport. You can then take the puppy back in the airplane cabin as your 'carry-on'.
    1. If you choose to use this option, please be aware that you must arrange your flight during a time we'll already be at the airport (usually very early morning). We can only go once a week (it's a 100 mile one-way drive).
    2. If you are unable to coordinate your flight time within the window of time we will already be at the airport, we can likely arrange transport for the puppy to the airport for a $125 fee.
    3. Also, be sure to check with your airline to see what their requirements are. You usually have to make a *reservation* for the puppy to fly back as your carry on, AND you have to pay an extra fee (~ $125) ! AND you give up a 'carry on* because the puppy counts as your carry on.
  4. If feasible, as a courtesy to our new families, we will gladly make arrangements to ship the puppy via airplane or door-to-door car delivery through A-Plus Pet Delivery.
  5. If you would rather have your puppy delivered by car, we work with A-Plus Pet Delivery to safely and comfortably deliver our pups.

Door-to-Door Car Delivery.

  1. We use A-Plus Pet Delivery for all of our car transportation needs. It is owned and operated by my husband, Brad, so we *know* the puppies are well cared for. (We have had bad experiences with other car services in the past, so this is the only service we will use now.)
  2. Click here to watch an informative video about this service.
  3. If you are interested in this service, you can request a quote. Once I provide the quote, I will connect you directly with Brad, who will handle payment and scheduling with you directly.


  1. Many new families are concerned about flying the puppy. They are afraid it will be too stressful on the puppy. They have read horror stories about the way airlines treated puppies, etc. I am always happy to see a concerned family. That means they will be good care-givers. But lay your concerns aside. Perhaps airlines have treated puppies poorly in the past ... that was before my time, I guess, because ever since I have been flying puppies (since 2005), there have been Federal regulations that ensured the health, safety and comfort of the puppy. The airlines are very concerned that the puppies are safe and comfortable. The new families report that the puppies come off of the plane bouncing and ready to play. It is really pretty hard to intimidate a Westie.
  2. The usual cost of shipping the puppy is $500 anywhere within the Continental United States . This includes the airfare, required vet check, certificate of health, travel crate, and our trip to the airport (100 miles each way). Some locations may require departure from airports other than Little Rock. In that case, an additional fee may apply.
    1. Buy two, fly one free! Two puppies can travel for the same cost as one, as long as they are the same age / size, are under 6 months old, and travel in the same crate.
    2. If your puppy is riding with in the passenger cabin as our 'carry-on', the new family does not get a travel crate. See # 5 under 'transportation', please.
    3. Sometimes a puppy can not fly for the 'usual cost'. There are limited flights on weekends, smaller airports have limited flights, we have to travel to a further airport, etc. If this is the case, we will let you know ahead of time what the additional cost will be.
  3. We will not ship a puppy unless we know the puppy can be shipped in relative comfort. When the weather is extreme, shipping puppies via airplane can become problematic. There are Federal regulations to protect the safety of animals during travel. We can not, and will not, ship a puppy if the temperature is below 20 or above 85 anywhere the puppy touches down. However,
  4. There is currently one airline which has live animal accommodations from the Little Rock Airport: American Airlines
    1. American Airlines has a 'Priority' service which allows the puppy to be checked in through the 'people' terminal ... actually checked in through the same line as people. The new families generally, but not always, pick up the puppies in the luggage department. The new family should call their airport to find out where to pick the puppy up. The puppies are given priority in boarding and unboarding, which means they are the last thing loaded and the first thing unloaded, preventing them from having to spend long periods of time sitting in the plane on the tarmac.
  5. The airline provides an 'Airway Bill Number' which can be used to track the puppy's flight. As soon as I put the puppy on the flight, I call the new family confirming the puppy made the flight and providing the Airway Bill Number so they can keep track of the precious baby across the nation!
  6. The puppy will be in a travel crate. (This crate can also be used as the puppy's 'training crate'.) There will be a small bag of the puppy's food strapped on top of the crate. The puppy will have, at the least, a soft blanket for the trip.
    1. IMPORTANT! Also strapped to the top of the crate is the puppy's paperwork! The shot record, vet paperwork, AKC registration paperwork, microchip information, etc, will be in an envelope strapped to the top of the puppy's crate.
  7. Here is a suggested check list for when you go to the airport to pick up your puppy:
    1. collar
    2. leash
    3. fresh water
      1. food will be strapped to the top of the crate
      2. a small water / feed dish will either be in the crate, or in the tray on top of the crate
    4. fresh / clean bedding (in case the puppy has had an accident)
    5. puppy wipes or a clean wash cloth
    6. lots of hugs and kisses ... they come out of there ready to play!


How Do I Take Care of My Puppy?

*Note: We have created an Amazon list with products suggested by ourselves or our families.

What Dog Food Should I Feed the Puppy?
  1. All of our dogs eat ProPac Performance (30%) Puppy Food, even the adults. I want to make sure that they have plenty of everything they need, and the mamas especially need extra calcium, so they all get this excellent puppy food. I believe it is one reason why we have such large and healthy litters.
  2. There are other excellent dog / puppy feeds available. If you are unable to get ProPac in a convenient location, then please be sure to get an equally high quality puppy food. Examples are Iams, Eukenubia, Science Diet ... Gradually mix the new food in with the food that was supplied with the puppy, to give the baby's tummy time to adjust to the new food.
  3. Many Westie breeders suggest that Westies should eat Lamb and Rice formula, since the Lamb and Rice formula is generally considered better for allergies. I'm sure this is fine, if you want to purchase it. However, we have not had any allergy problems with this food, so we don't feed the Lamb and Rice formula. As a matter of fact, every time I have tried it, it gives my dogs the 'back door trots'.
What About House-Breaking?
  1. CRATE TRAINING IS THE ONLY WAY TO GO. It is the most humane, effective, and least stressful (for pup and owner) method. The Humane Society does an excellent job of detailing safe crate training techniques on their website. Do yourself and your puppy a favor and give it a try!
How Big Will My Puppy Be As An Adult?
  1. This is always of great interest! My best suggestion is for you to Google 'Puppy Growth Chart'. Here is a link to one that I really like:


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