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See Gwenever's Father, Murphy

See Gwenever's Mother, Skeezer

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Gwenever is one of 'my puppies'. Her mother is my first and favorite Westie, Skeezer, and her father is my elder stud muffin, Murphy. If you click on the links to Murphy and Skeezer's pages, you will find their 5 generation pedigrees ... which means you will have a 6 generation pedigree for Gwenever. You will notice from the pictures that Gwenever is literally a very 'foxy' lady. She, indeed, looks like a white fox. She is quite delicate and with a refined bone structure.

Most Westies are super friendly and outgoing, never meeting a stranger ... always happy, happy and playful. Gwenever is no different in her attitude. She is a very happy and playful little lady, but she is a 'one woman dawg!'. Gwenever loves me. I am her person, and she loves me and only me. She's not unfriendly to other people ... she just avoids them, like the plague. When I take her places (the park or creek, for instance), she stays right by my feet every step I take. The picture of her in the water was where she braved cold, winter, mountain creek water to get back by my feet.

And the feeling is mutual ... I love her right back!!!





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Westie puppies wrestling in the grass
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