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Bonny is the daughter of Skeezer and her husband of several years, Murphy. She was the only little girl in Skeezer's litter of November 2006, and I chose to keep her and one little boy, Fearghas.

Bonny is a sweet heart of a little Westie girl who is very excited just to love and play! She has her mama's sweet disposition and spicy attitude and her daddy's love of attention and being scratched behind the ears ... or on the tummy, for that matter. When I take her out for a walk and to play a while, she likes to come running at me and bounce off of my leg with her front paws, as if to say "Ha! I got you! You're IT! ... then she runs off again, as though she's tagged me in some doggly game of chase ... I guess she has to hurry so she can do it again before I know what's coming! Thankfully, after a few minutes, she settles down, or runs down, which ever the case may be.

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