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In Celtic mythology, Angus is the god of humor and wisdom (and other attractive traits). I'm not that sure about the 'wisdom' part, but my Angus is certainly the keeper of good humor around these parts! He's quite a little clown, and has an excellent sense of humor. He thinks he's a comendian ... he finds it hillariously funny to run out between my legs and run around and around in circles as fast as he can go ... laughing at me for not being able to catch him, and laughing at the other dogs because they're furiously barking ... mad that he's not behaving! However, when it comes to his studly duties, Sire Angus becomes quite serious! He deems himself to be quite the ladies' man. And he certainly does, indeed, sire some very beautiful puppies!

Angus is a 'home-grown' Nancy's Westie. His mother is my own beautiful and spirited Chewy and his father is the incredibly handsome and debonair Roscoe. You can go to their pages to see many pictures of them, and to find their pedigrees, and therefore, Angus' pedigree.

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