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Here we share the pictures and stories of the many wonderful creatures who have passed through our home ... on their way to their new, forever, permanent homes.

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We love to see our 'Retirees' go to good and loving furr-ever homes. Our dogs are beautiful, sweet, and affectionate individuals, and they deserve to have a home where they are the one and only love of someone's heart. They've shared enough, long enough. It pleases us greatly to offer them, as well-loved and spoiled rotten pets to those who will appreciate such lovely belles and handsome beaus.

The retirees will be up to date on all shots and wormer, and are microchipped. They are in good health, have been spayed or neutered, and are good natured, loving pets. They are NOT house broken, though most are very well crate trained. When they are in the house, they are kept in a training crate (English Mastiff size 3 ft wide x 4 1/2 ft deep x 4 ft tall). They come out of their crate and straight out the doggie door to go potty and play in the fenced exercise yard. They have never been given the opportunity to get in the trash, chew up my shoes, dig a hole in the couch, etc. They have rarely been on a leash because they have been allowed to run free in a fenced area their whole life. We live on a dead-end dirt road, so they have seen very little traffic, and they don't see a lot of strangers ... so you will have to teach them those lessons. Since they have always been here, with me, they will be slow to warm up to their new home, and I'm sure, will be quite confused for a while. The previous Westies that we have sent to new homes seem to take at least 2 months to really acclimate to their new environments. I think they think they have been kidnapped! You will have to be patient with them, and understand that these are drastic changes for doggies that have spent their entire lives in one place with one 'main lady'.

We do not ask a fee for our retirees, but we do ask that you tell us about yourself, your home, and the future you can offer. If you live far away and want the lady or gent flown to you, you should expect to pay for the transportation expense (~$400). I will gladly make those arrangments, handle the red tape and happily take them to the airport. All you have to do is pick them up and spend the rest of their life loving and caring for them. The cost, including air fare, travel crate, vet check, etc, and my trip to the airport will be $400. If you can come to my home to pick them up, or meet me at the Little Rock, Arkansas airport on a Saturday morning, there is no transportation cost (or travel crate or vet check, etc).



Special Needs: ~ These dogs are blind, or partially blind, and need very special homes.

Popeye: DOB 04/25/2012 ~ Male ~ Completely blind in both eyes

Blondie: DOB 04/22/2014 ~ Female ~ Blind in one eye ~ Blondie & Poppy have always been together, and she sort of works as his eye ... I would prefer that Blondie and Poppy stay together.

Poppy: DOB 07/05/2015 ~ Male ~ We had one eye removed, but we believe he can see a little out of the remaining eye

The pictures below are of Popeye & Blondie. I haven't taken any pictures of Poppy. The first 6 pictures are of Popeye, and the last 3 pictures are of Blondie. If you click on the small picture, the bigger picture will open. If you right click the bigger picture, you can see the filename, and the files are named after the dogs.

Click on the small pictures to see them enlarged --- >>>

The 'doggie eye specialist' told us that this was caused by an infection in the mother's uterus. It caused the puppies' eyes to get ulcers, some of which could not be healed, even with the best antibiotics the vet had.

As with all of my retirees, they are spayed or neutered, wormed, vaccinated, and in excellent health. They have had their flea & tick preventative, heart worm preventative, and wormer every month of their life.


If you can give one of them a good, loving home, send me an email telling me about it.





Bear BITES sometimes! If you get him cornered, and he is scared, or if you try to groom around his privates. We put a muzzle on him when grooming him.

Bear seems to like men more than women.

Bear will play chase and hide-and-seek with my grandson, but I do NOT trust Bear with children. He needs to go to a home with NO CHILDREN.

Bear gets along OK with other dogs.

Bear's Story: Bear went to live with his family when he was barely weaning age (October 2010). After about 6 years, his family called and said their circumstances had changed, and they could no longer keep Bear, so I told them to bring him home. After he got here, we found that he seemed to be a bit neurotic ... scared of his own shadow. He wanted to hide in his kennel, and bark and protect it if you went by. If we got him in a situation where he felt cornered, he would bite. Also, he really doesn't like to be groomed around his privates. Most of the time, Bear is a really sweet, loving dog. He absolutely LOVES to be loved on and babied. He is leash trained. He is house broken. He has a very happy and playful personality He's a good boy! Bear has been back here over a year now, and he has become far more 'well adjusted'. He's no longer extremely jumpy and nervous. He's just your typical Westie. I'm sure that when he goes to a new home, he will have to go through another adjustment period, so he needs a home where there isn't a lot of excitement ... quite and supportive ... no kids. But he does get along well with other dogs.

Because we know he bites, and we didn't want him to hurt anybody or get 'put down' for biting somebody, we had the vet shave the tips off of all of his teeth. Now, if he does bite, it will only scuff instead of puncture.

Here is a link to Bear's litter (mother, father, siblings) when he was just a puppy. He was Black Ribbon Boy:

If you can give Bear a good, loving home, send me an email telling me about it.

If you right click the bigger picture, you can see the filename, and the files are named after the dogs.









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