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Peigi is the Celtic spelling of 'Peggy'. Peigi is a third generation Nancy's Westie. We're very proud that she is one of our puppies that we have kept and watched her grow into the beautiful woman she has become. Peigi is the daughter of Gwenever and Tristin. Gwenever is the daughter of Skeezer and her husband of several years, Murphy. You can see 5 more generations of her pedigree by going to Skeezer's and Murphy's pages and clicking on the pedigree link.

Peigi, and her littermate, Patte, are two of the most intelligent little dogs I've ever seen. Leash and house training almost didn't exist because they caught on so quickly! I couldn't believe it! I think they just watched the other dogs and knew what to do. They are also incredibly lovable and sweet little girls who would walk the world just to get a pat and a belly rub. They love their human family almost as much as they loves thier puppies, but the puppies do come first. And a funny ... they both like to sit on their back legs ... just sit there ... on their back legs holding their paws in the air, like merekats! When they see me coming to pick them up, they stop, sit up, and just wait ... it looks like they are holding their arms up to me.

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You comin'?
Wanna play? Can we, huh? Can we?
looks whose laughin' now!
Come on slow poke!
Disrepect? Noooo ... I didn't mean nuthin ... noooo ... I'm just sayin ...
Maybe I can see from up here!
Did anybody see a squirrel go by here?
This way! Hurry! It's this way!
Yeah! I'm Queen of the Hill!
What did you say?
That's curious.
Really weird!
You are pullin' my leg!
Whoa! The world goes on Forever!
It's been a long day, Mom ... let's go home.




Nancy's Westies
Russellville, AR

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Westie puppies wrestling in the grass
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