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Here we share the pictures and stories of the many wonderful creatures who have passed through our home ... on their way to their new, forever, permanent homes.

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Welcome to the page of Phyllis' Litter. Click on any picture to see a larger picture.

Phyllis was brought to me big and pregnant with this litter of beautiful babies. I medicated her, fed her well, and kept her warm until she gave birth, then we kept her and the puppies warm and well fed until they were ready for thier new homes. These puppies all found wonderful, loving homes. Three of them went to live with the ladies that work for SouthWest airlines in Little Rock. They showed me the puppies pictures when I was there last ... I believe the father may have been a LasoApso??? The fourth puppy went to a grieving lady whose darling pet had been stolen ...


Meet the parents ... The father (on the left) is Unknown ... and the mother (on the right) is Phllis. Click on Phyllis' picture to learn more about her.

Nancy's Westies
Russellville, AR
Westie puppies wrestling in the grass
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