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Welcome to the page of Gwenever's Litter. The puppies were born on June 23, 2008 and will be ready to go to their new homes on August 18, 2008. Click on any picture to see a larger picture. Or, if you really want a treat, check out the videos!

  1. Pink Girl will be moving to Little Rock, Arkansas to fill the empty nest of Debbie and her hubby! They need a new baby to love and this little girl will just fit in their laps and over flow their hearts!
  2. Blue Boy is going to live in Pennsylvania with a wonderful couple whose children are grown, so now they have loads of room for a brand new baby boy! His new mom is a retired teacher who worked with troubled teenagers (so she has lots of patience!) and his new dad has many years experience in 'law enforcement', so he'll make this youngun' mind the rules.
  3. Black Boy (aka Hawkeye) will be moving to Houston with David and his lovely daughter, Meredith. David once knew a remarkable Westie named Mr. Bentley who was the 'best dog I ever knew ... with attitude, style, and an all around great guy' ... so David wants another Westie to take along on his bike rides ... sounds like Hawkeye has hit the jackpot!
  4. Orange Boy will be moving to Washington, DC to play with Jeff, et al. Maybe he'll get to go for a walk around the White House ... down the Mall to Congress and the Washington Monument and the Smithsonian ... whoa! Maybe Jeff will let him play with the dinosaurs! What kind of bone would that be?!
  5. Yellow Boy is going with Orange Boy to play around in Washington, DC ... awwww ... the Cherry Blossoms, Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln Memorial ... a stroll along the Potomac ... life will be good for this pair of Westies!


Meet the parents ... The father (on the left) is Tristin and the mother (on the right) is Gwenever. Click on their pictures to be taken to their web pages and see their pedigrees.

Nancy's Westies
Russellville, AR
Westie puppies wrestling in the grass
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